Sick Child

  • Sick Child

    We want to be the place you go to take care of your child’s health and medical needs, so please call our office if you have any medical questions. If you reach us outside of regular business hours, you can speak directly to one of our physicians on call. We will help you determine if your child needs to be seen immediately, or if your child needs the care of an emergency room or hospital. If your child requires hospitalization, our physicians are on staff at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Both of these hospitals have pediatric emergency departments and full pediatric services. If you live in the West Valley, the Pediatric ER at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley-Mendy’s Place is an excellent resource.

    If you would like more information about your child’s illness or symptoms, please see our medical resource section on our website at or visit the American Academy of Pediatrics website,